Get your startup ready for the world high-tech innovation capitals!

Get your startup ready for the world high-tech innovation capitals!

Get ready for the Booster Accelerator.

The first Slovak startup accelerator The Spot Booster is opening its second round to identify unspotted talent and bridge it to global startup ecosystem.

Are you an ambitious early stage company in pre-prototype or prototype stage with solid team and technology focus?

Are you passionate about the new era of FinTech innovation, security, B2B, SaaS or mobile technologies?

Then Booster is the right fit for you. In 4 months we help you to accelerate your business and reach innovation hubs and investors in London, Silicon Valley or Berlin.

Apply with your startup until 11 November 2015!


“Booster has helped us in the very early stages when it was hard to see the value of our product. They provided us with the right mentorship and network to accelerate our product development and approaching product/market fit as well as moving to the next stages of growth.” - Ondrej Prostrednik, CEO,


Starting in January 2016 you will benefit from more than just standard acceleration program. Booster is a part of the unique consortium of top European startup accelerators called CEEDTech, and thus multiplying its value propositions for the participating startups:


  1. Financing available from 30.000€ up to 250.000€ per team
  2. Knowledge and expertise of key industry leaders and renowned entrepreneurs
  3. Premium first-hand access to global venture funds and investors
  4. Technologically advanced and  inexpensive test markets of Central Europe (e.g. smartphone/contactless penetration) plus direct access to regulatory decision-makers
  5. Proof of concept and product validation with relevant corporate partners such as MasterCard, KBC, PaySafe Card or KPMG
  6. Access to potential co-founders & employees: designers, UX, developers, fintech architects, online marketers and growth hackers available
  7. Unique publicity and exposure at Forbes magazineMoney 20/20FintechForum or Pioneers Festival


“Booster has changed our company - Kickresume - and transformed it from project to a real value company with 6 full-time employees and over 300k users.” - Tomas Ondrejka, CMO,

The programme is backed by the European Commission, which enables us to offer unique access to financing, mentorship and FIWARE technologies.

European Commission grants are contingent upon the use of FIWARE technology, i.e. FIWARE generic enablers, specific enablers and/or domain specific platforms. The development of all applications for CEED Tech accelerators must include FIWARE technology, as part of a European Program for Internet-enabled Innovation.

If you are interested in only testing the FIWARE technologies in return for an equity free grant, please check out the FIWARE page on the CEED Tech site.

Apply today and prepare your startup for the major startup league. 

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