The Spot is a Startup Federation member

The Spot is a Startup Federation member

We just joined a Startup Federation, a global network of the world’s top incubators. Through this program, The Spot and Startup Federation members are building global density and creating an ecosystem that transcends geographic boundaries. As a result, our world’s most promising entrepreneurs and young companies can access the resources they need to scale regardless of the city the choose to call home.

The Startup Federation is based on the premise that collaboration among startup ecosystems and among startups is a net benefit for the global economy and for innovation. 

By connecting and cultivating thriving ecosystems that have similar methods and practices, startups can more easily engage globally and take advantage of what different cities have to offer in terms of resources, talent, and connections. 

Because resources are both accessible yet scattered across the world, startups face the increasing need to be connected globally very early on in their lifecycles in order to compete. The Startup Federation gives startups a home in facilities all over the world that are tailored to their needs and fosters the ability collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs, potential partners, customers, investors, and mentors.

Your The Spot membership now allows you to access and work at world-class communities as you travel the world to Berlin (betahaus), London (Warner Yard), Moscow (Digital October), but also in  dozen places is United States - San Francisco (Hattery), Boston (CIC), Washington (1776),  Austin (Capital Factory), Miami, Los Angeles and a host of others.

The next time you’re booking travel for work or for leisure, check out the map of network destinations on Startup Federation website. Most of the coworking spaces and entrepreneurial communities in our network are convenient to major city centers and travel hubs, making them ideal for a quick visit or an extended “home base” operation. 

Contact our office for an introduction and for more details about how to access and maximize these global connections.